Mount Gilead School
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Mt. Gilead School

Mt. Gilead School operated for over 100 years until it closed its doors in 1946. The present two story school was built in 1879. Historians believe that Mt. Gilead was the only school in the area to continuously hold classes during the Civil War.

Clay County offers a unique field trip opportunity to experience history in a one-room school. A teacher in period costume instructs the class in late 1880s style with McGuffey readers. Pupils practice penmanship and perform arithmetic problems using slates. The four-hour program accommodates up to 30 students and complements required school curriculum. This popular field trip requires advance reservations.

If you can't come to Mt. Gilead, we can bring Mt. Gilead to you! A schoolmarm will come to your classroom dressed in period costume to provide hands-on learning while holding mini-lessons from the 1890's. Our historic interpreter can even incorporate your students current lessons into their presentation. This program will last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what your schedule allows.

Our newest program, Mt. Gilead Mondays. The program is designed for homeschoolers who are unable to gather a large enough group to schedule a standard Mt. Gilead field trip, and for students in school districts that have shortened their week to exclude Mondays. Each Mt. Gilead Monday will have its own historic theme, with historic interpretation, craft projects and games related to that theme. See our event calendar to see upcoming Mt. Gilead Monday events and themes. Mt. Gilead School offers programs for Girl and Boy Scout troops. They can be scheduled after school or on the weekend. The program, which earns participants their history badge, is conducted just like our school field trip with a schoolmarm in period costume and classes conducted as they were in 1880, complete with spelling bee.

Open by appointment
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per person $6.00
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