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Crafter Destinations

Ever feel like you’ve already visited most of Clay’s local attractions or toured the historic sites? If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking this, we’d like to challenge that by sharing three unique crafter destinations that you may not have heard of yet.

1.Lost Arts

If arts and crafts are your style, then Lost Arts may have just what you’re looking for and we guarantee that the courses taught will be completely unique. Curious about floral artwork? What about stone etching? Or is string art more up your alley? Lost Arts classes are held at SquareWork in Historic Downtown Liberty. Visit their website to learn more!

2. Driftwood Ceramics

No matter your skill level, Driftwood Ceramics offers classes and workshops that will be perfect for you! Whether you’re honing you skills or just want to try your hand at something new, Driftwood Ceramics has tons of creative experiences to offer. Their shop is located on Swift St. in North Kansas City! Visit their website to learn more!

3. Sip & Salvage

If you haven’t heard of Sip & Salvage yet, then this is your sign that you should go check them out—literally! Sip & Salvage specializes in offering workshops on sign-crafting from reclaimed wood. Distress, stain, and stencil your own signs with friends! This establishment is BYOB too (hence the sipping). Sip & Salvage is located in North Kansas City. Visit their website to learn more!
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