Top 5 Beach Activities
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Top 5 Beach Activities

Here’s of list of Visit Clay’s top 5 beach activity suggestions!

The swim beaches at Smithville Lake open up today, which means now is the time to plan a beach outing with your family and friends! Camp Branch Beach and Little Platte Beach are great places to visit for some outdoor summer fun.

1. Want to try something new this summer? Rent a paddle-board from NOA!

Explore the 7,000 acres of Smithville Lake in style on a paddle-board rental from Northland Outdoor Adventures at Little Platte Park! There are several different rental options for paddle-boards, there are kayak rentals too! Better yet, if you’re already camping at the lake, NOA will deliver paddle-boards and kayaks right to your site!

Learn more about NOA here!
2. Looking to make a full day out of your visit? Plan a beachside barbeque!

There are grills located near the swim beaches at both Camp Branch and Little Platte Beach. Pack some food and snacks and plan a full cookout to go along with your beach day. Make sure you cook and enjoy respectfully and safely though, and make sure that you clean up the area once you’re done!

3. Really want to explore the lake this year? Rent a boat from the Smithville Lake Marina!

For those who really want to explore the lake on their beach day, there are several boat rental options at the Camp Branch Marina at Smithville Lake. A fishing boat, a 18’ pontoon, and a 24’ pontoon are available at the marina, pricing varies based on how long you are renting. Anyone born after January 1st, 1984 is required to have a Boating Safety ID Card.

Learn more about boat rentals today!
4. Need to warm up between swims? Take a hike on a nearby trail!

There are several trails directly connected to the swim beaches at Smithville Lake. The Little Platte North Trail is right by the Little Platte Beach and the Bonebender Trail is right by the Camp Branch Beach! Hop onto one of these trails to either hike or bike between swims while you’re drying off and warming up; you’ll be ready for another swim after some time spent on the trails!

Learn more about trails today!
5. Is one beach day not enough for you? Make it a weekend and go camping too!

If you want beach access a short walk from your campsite, we suggest that you reserve a site at the Camp Branch Campground. Whenever you’re ready for a swim during beach hours, hop onto the Bonebender Trail and follow it up to the beach! No driving is needed to get from Camp Branch Campground to Camp Branch Beach and, depending on the site you pick, the beach is visible from some of the campsites!

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