Camp Branch Trail System
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Camp Branch Trail System


Bonebender Trail is 6.0 miles in length and is accessible from the Sailboat Cove parking lot to the north and from the Park Office/Camp Branch Swim Beach area to the south and from within the Camp Branch Campground. Bonebender Trail meanders along the east shoreline of Smithville Lake's Little Platte arm through hardwood forests and restored grasslands. Features along this trail include: numerous views of Smithville Lake, two Lookout Points with rest benches, a covered shelter area with picnic tables, restroom and shower facilities at Sailboat Cove, Camp Branch Campground, Camp Branch Swim Beach, Camp Branch Storm Shelter and additional primitive restroom facility, easy access to Camp Branch Campground's 9-hole Disc Golf Course, Camp Branch Swim Beach, and Camp Branch Campground Outdoor Amphitheater.

Campground Trail is 2.9 miles in length and as the name implies, follows the lake's shoreline around the perimeter of Camp Branch Campground. While connected to Bonebender Trail, the Campground Trail is accessible only within Camp Branch Campground and is very convenient for Campground users. Features along this trail include views of Smithville Lake and Lookout Point with a rest bench.

Eagle’s View Trail is 1.5 miles in length and is accessible only from the Eagle’s View Trailhead on the north side of Collins Road across from the Park Office entrance. The trail follows the shoreline up to the Kelsey Short Youth Camp area before looping back into the hardwood forest and back to the trailhead on the same route. The trail was given its name because of the numerous Bald Eagles that can be seen there during the winter months.
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