A Guide To Street Art Murals in Excelsior Springs, MO
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Clay's Excelsior Springs Murals

6. The Lithia Water Mural, located within Carolyn Schutte Park on 100 West Broadway Avenue, commemorates Excelsior Springs’ beginnings. Along with depicting several historic locations in the town, one of the mural’s major features is a Mezzo-American head that stands among a rendering of the town’s beginning as a mecca for healing mineral waters.

This Mezzo-American head is an important piece of art as you will find its depiction featured elsewhere on one of the town’s top landmarks, the Hall of Waters. If you can’t spot it on your own, make sure to stop inside the Hall of Waters and ask one of the cultural representatives at the water bar where you can find it. This mural was commissioned by the Downtown Excelsior Partnership and was created by Jacob Duncan in 2016.
7. This chalk-drawn depiction of Excelsior Springs’ swinging Jazz Age on the side of Ventana Gourmet Grill is found across the street from the Carolyn Schutte Park on 100 South Marietta Street. The artwork was created by local artist, Jacob Duncan, in 2014.
8. The mural of Historic Broadway is found at the parking lot on 131 State Highway North, just across the street from Slightly Off Broadway! Take some time to admire this full-wall mural depicting Downtown Excelsior Springs as it was back in its mineral water heyday; don’t forget to post for a selfie in front of this old-timey horse-drawn buggy!
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