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Clay's North Kansas City Murals

1. The Floating Blocks, found just off 13th Avenue and Swift Street, were commissioned as a part of North Kansas City’s preparation for the Swift Mile Festival. The festival was held in 2016 and 2017 and focused on showcasing the creativity of local artists and makers; the festival featured various street vendors, a pint walk, and a bike share!

2. This Bird Mural is located along the side of the NTA FleetServe building on 1133 Swift Street and faces out towards a small parking lot. Like the Floating Blocks, this piece was commissioned for the Swift Mile Festival.
3. The NTA FleetServe Logo is found just off 14th Avenue on Swift Street. NTA has remained a family owned and operated business since it’s opening in 1961 and is North Kansas City’s go-to repair shop specializing in air conditioning and auto repair.
4. “This is Us” is an exciting addition to the art scene in North Kansas City. According to its artist, Spaceship Zulu; “[This] mural hopes to represent the past, present, and future of the area known today as North Kansas City.” The mural is found on the north wall of the Brewkery on 1443 Swift Street.

Back in 1849, North Kansas City was still just an unincorporated little town called Harlem. Though few even know this town existed, Harlem was a major starting point for many of the cowboys, trappers, and frontiersmen of the time. Harlem was one of the main riverboat ferry drop-offs for those heading once, and even managed to rival Westport in size and prominence.

In the early 1900s, industrialization transformed Harlem from a rough and tumble Wild West town to an urban center. Urbanization is represented by the mural’s depiction of the young woman from the 1900s.

The present is represented in the mural by modern design elements of the brushstrokes used; benday dots and the fade of color were used to indicate that North Kansas City has a thriving arts community.

To represent looking forward to the future, the words “North Kansas City” were painted in big, bold letters placed directly at the piece’s center, providing a glimpse of what lies on the horizon for the city.

5. The McCrummen Immigration Law Building mural was designed as part of a contest held at North Kansas City High School. The winning mural design was painted by Hispanic artist, Chico Sierra, who has worked on other murals around North Kansas City. The theme of this mural is immigration, it can be found on 2005 Swift St, Kansas City, MO 64116 facing Armour.
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