A Guide To Street Art Murals in Liberty, MO
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Clay's Liberty Murals

12. The Lewis and Clark mural is found on the Clay County Public Safety Building on 99 South Water Street. It was made to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the great expedition west. It also depicts the Corps of Discovery’s landing on the shores of the Missouri River.
13. Passing Pleasures, Tourist Treasures, found along the side of the Rooney Justice Center, depicts several of Clay County’s top tourist destinations. The Jesse James Birthplace, The Elms Hotel & Spa, Worlds of Fun, Smithville Lake, and Shoal Creek Living History Museum are all featured in this mural.
14. The Children’s Mural is a temporary mural is found right across the street from the Clay County Courthouse on 1 N Water Street. This mural was created by a William Jewell student, John Soukup.
15. The Liberty Mural is found directly next to the Children's Mural on 1 N Water St right across the street from the Courthouse. Created by artist Shawn Garland, a student attending William Jewell.
16. The Wings, found on the side of Hammerhand Coffee along 5 West Franklin Street, are a popular stop for selfies and photos. There are two sets of wings, a larger pair for adults a smaller kid-sized set. This artwork was created by Allison Mabe, a barista at Hammerhand Coffee.
17. The Faces of the Commonwealth is found along the side of the Rooney Justice Center on 51 South Water Street. This ceramic tile mural depicts past, present, and future generations of Clay County, dating all the way back to the immigrant from six different continents that first settled in the area.
18. Images of Clay County 1830-1890 depicts the early years of the county. This multi-panel mural can be found of the third floor of the Clay County Courthouse on 1 Courthouse Square. Several historic scenes in figures are depicted in the mural, including; Chief White Cloud from the Iowa Tribe; Dr. James Gray, a professor at the African American Garrison School; General Alexander Doniphan, who fought in the Mexican-American War; the Jesse James Birthplace and Frank and Jesse James. This mural is full of bits of local history, so make sure you spend some time admiring each panel!
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