Smoke & Davey Trail System - 3 Hiking Trails at Smithville Lake
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Smoke & Davey Trail System


Smoke & Davey/Backbone Trail is 2.7 miles in length and is the primary trail of the Smoke & Davey Trail System. Backbone Trail begins on the north end at the Smoke & Davey Trailhead located on Highway W just east of the W Boat Ramp and bridge. The trail initially follows an old road bed cut south with a moderate downhill grade for one mile to the lake’s edge and then follows the lake shore around to the Sailboat Cove parking lot. Features along this trail include passing near 15 acres of grassland restoration, rest stop benches, waterfowl viewing along the lake, a restroom at Smoke & Davey Trailhead and a restroom facility with drinking water at Sail Boat Cove. The single track mountain biking trail, Whispering Pine Trail and Copperhead Ridge Trail are all accessible from Backbone Trail

Whispering Pine Trail is 1.4 miles in length. The trail winds through areas with many red cedar trees and hardwood tress like oak and hickory. The trail contains two lookout points along the east side of Smithville Lake’s Little Platte arm. Whispering Pine Trail intersects with Backbone Trail in four locations and is easily accessible from the Smoke & Davey Trailhead.

Copperhead Ridge Trail is 0.7 miles in length. This trail follows the higher ridges along the lake’s edge and contains a covered shelter for a convenient rest stop. Copperhead Ridge Trail is easily accessed from Backbone Trail.

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